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UPDATE - There is an update at the end of this post.

   I love essential oils and have over the last 2 1/2 years have been researching them and slowly adding them to our daily life. I think they definitely have their place and truly love the idea of getting rid of the unnecessary chemicals in our lives and well as unneeded medications. I much prefer the natural route when possible and honestly believe that essential oils are a natural gift from God. Being a cancer survivor has put things in a different perspective for me.  I do also believe there is still a place for going to the doctor and sometimes still need medication. Please to not take any posts that I might write as medical advice, if you are sick, go to the doctor.  I am NOT a medical professional, just a stay at home mom trying to find better solutions for MY family. Some of what I will be posting that includes EOs will be DIY remedies that have worked for us and other things might be DIY cleaners and the like. I also might post information and articles I found interesting.

What brand essential oils do you use?
      I just want to get this question out of the way in the beginning because I know I will be asked or confronted regarding this. Please remember these are the choices I have made for me and my family and what choice you feel is right may be different. Please do your own research, pray about it and decide what brand is right for you and your family. Do not just take my word or anyone elses word for it. The companies I like for quality are doTerra, Native American Nutritionals, Mountain Rose Herbs (although they do not ship EOs to Hawaii so I do not currently have any), Young Living,. I like all of them and for quality would probably not choose one over the other. For mostly non-therapeutic purposes Aura Cacia, I say non-therapeutic because their quality is not on the same level as the previous mentioned brands. This is going to be a long explanation. 
      Like I said I started becoming interested in EOs about 2 1/2 years ago. I have not talked about or blogged about it much because I have come across people, close friends, acquaintances, strangers who have very, very strong opinions on what the right and wrong companies are that I quite frankly (being the non-confrontational person I am) wanted to avoid those conversations. I have oily friends that sell doTerra, oily friends that sell Young Living, and oily friends that think both are bunk. There probably is not an argument I have not heard for only going with a specific brand.  Finally though I decided to start talking about it because I do want to share with people about these amazing tools that God has given us for therapeutic, medical, first aid, mental and spiritual health.
      In the beginning (before I knew I had cancer) I was intrigued by EOs, especially since my eldest has such sensitivities to a lot of things. One being food dyes which is in most children's medications, also he is sensitive to regular sunscreen, shampoo and the list goes on. Then I looked at the price tag of top of the line EOs sold by the MLM companies, researching the different EOs to start with and have in the medicine cabinet and decided I could not fork out that kind of dough (later I realized that was a fallacy when it only takes a couple drops for each individual occasion, the cost is not that high). Not that my family's health was not worth it as I would get asked by those selling it but that the EOs did not seem worth it.  I did not even approach my hubby at the time because the cost just seemed ridiculous. I kept reading though, kept buying and reading books about EOs, reading blogs about them, reading research about them etc.

      Then in casual conversation, a good friend mentioned something about using tea tree oil (amazing oil!) for some home remedy. We got to talking, come to find out the tea tree oil she was using, she bought at WalMart. Not only that she was continually getting results. I went to WalMart that same week bought it and started using it. The brand is Spring Valley. It is the only EO WalMart sells, is pharmaceutical grade, sold near the vitamins and worked great for me. I use it on fever blisters, warts, rashes, scrapes, and so much more. I do think the brand matters, and I do think that quality and purity matters but sometimes we just aren't able to buy top of the line things. I decided I would strive to have the top of the line EOs but would have to build it very slowly.

     Not too long after the conversation with my friend about the tea tree oil, before my son's asthma diagnosis, he got sick with a cold but it settled hard into his chest. Murphy's Law my husband was away on business. It did not start to get bad until night time of course. So I had my 2 1/2 year old sleeping and my 9 year old miserably sick. I went to get some medicine out of the cabinet only to realize we did not even have a full dose left of the kind of medicine he could have (hard to find kids meds that do not have artificial colors or flavors). The same friend I mentioned above told me about making homemade vicks, rubbing it on his feet, putting socks on, and rubbing it on his chest. At this point I had not yet started building up my supply and only had tea tree, lavender and peppermint. Using coconut oil and what oils I did have, I made a concoction and rubbed it on my son's chest and feet and it drastically reduced his coughing spasms (we found out later it was in part having a chest cold and in part asthma attacks). It helped enough to get us through the night and for that I was grateful. We got up bright and early to have him at Urgent Care when they opened only for the doctor to accuse him of dramatizing his cough to get attention and sending us on our way with no help. If I had not been so tired I think fumes would have been coming out my ears. He was not exaggerating. First of all he likes his sleep way to much for it to occur to him to stay up a good chunk of the night faking a cough, and second of all he hates being miserable and his cough sounded so awful, there was no way it was not painful. We got back home, my son is sick, coughing, and exhausted, I am exhausted and my 2 1/2 year old had all kinds of energy. My friend brought me some Aura Cacia Eucalyptus oil, suggested adding it to the vapor rub and diffusing it. So I added it to the vapor rub and while I did not have a diffuser, I put a mix of peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender in the vaporizer we had in my son's room (I know, another no-no). I cannot tell you what a huge difference it made! He felt so much better and we were both relieved. We kept doing the home remedy until we could get in to see his new pediatrician who very quickly diagnosed him with asthma. Finally after a few years of taking him to get checked out a doctor listened to us. Needless to say I was sold on the benefits of essential oils. Today I would not use Aura Cacia for therapeutic purposes as they are not the best quality and I really only use them for fragrance purposes, like adding to my wool dryer balls or a vinegar rinse I use in the washing machine or different things like that but that night I was very grateful for it.

      So there you go, a really long explanation about the start of me using EOs and what brands I like. I have about 40 EO and EO blends in my bathroom currently from all the companies I have listed. I really like the blends by Native American Nutritionals, find the quality to be top notch and I get really good results. The Frankincense I currently have is doTerra but really find doTerra and Young Living to be about comprable to each other and with something as high end as this oil would go with either one. Despite the whole MLM thing, their oils really are some of the best in the industry.  I get high quality, affordable supplies from Aromatics International, they ship fast and have good customer service.
I like Aromatics International for supplies but also buy supplies off Amazon and from Native American Nutritionals

Native American Nutritionals, Love their blends and singles

UPDATE: August 2, 2015, since writing the above post over a year ago I have become a doTerra Wellness Advocate. In the interest of transparency I have left the above post mostly in tact and still agree with the information in it. For those of you that know me, you are probably surprised I have hopped aboard the MLM bandwagon. I have several reasons for having done this, however the biggest and driving reason for it was cost savings to me and my family. As I wrote over a year ago despite being MLMs doTerra and Young Living really are two of the best quality oils in the business and as I purchased more of them it just made sense to sign on with doTerra for the wholesale prices (25% off retail). Having done as much research as I have over the last several years on EOs and knowing several people in the business doTerra seemed like the best fit for me and and my family.

Also an update is that you may notice I said I left the above post mostly in tact. My original post listed Aromatics International as one of my favorite essential oil companies. I have taken that out as while I do think they are good, after having used several of their oils, I would not quite put them in the same category as doTerra, Native American Nutritionals, Young Living, or Mountain Rose Herbs.  I still buy supplies from them though!

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