Monday, June 23, 2014

Tranquility Blend

So far even beyond Immune Strength (On Guard, Thieves), and beyond Calming (Peace and Calming, Serenity) the blend Tranquility from Native American Nutritionals has to be my favorite blend. :)  I am not affiliated with Native American Nutritionals, just like to pass along what works for us. :)

Their website's description is the following:

"Formulated to promote relaxation allowing us to relax so the blood can get up to the brain. Grounding and integrates energy allowing us to visualize our goals and dreams more vividly and accurately. Assists in reducing depression, eases anxiety, stress, and tension bringing joy to the heart, balances and stabilizes the emotions, gives patience and calms worries. May assist hyperactive children in creating serenity in their life. Has been found beneficial when used with children that have frequent nightmares. It may assist in curing the smoking habit.

Application: May be applied under nose, back of neck, and diluted with massage oil to rub on back. Add to bath water. May be applied to navel, legs, and back of neck for insomnia. Wear as a perfume or cologne. It has been used in a diffuser to assist in calming active or hard to manage children, also in the evening to relax the entire family. While traveling with small children put 10 drops in a 2 oz spray bottle, add water, shake, and spray around the car (it does miracles). This synergy has assisted people coming off drugs just by diffusing it.
Ingredients: Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, Lime, Ylang Ylang Extra, Lavender, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, and Citronella."

This was one of the first blends I ordered and I love it. For whatever reason my daughter gets kind of more hyper around bedtime so I use it (diluted) to rub on her feet and even put a bit on her pillow case. It helps her to calm down around bed time. My son tends to get stressed out easily so I use it (diluted) on him at times he might get stressed out. Most recently he was getting ready to test for his yellow belt in Taekwondo and he was getting really worked up. I rubbed some of it diluted on his feet and back of neck and it really helped him to relax and relieve some of his tension. One of the many problems with fibromyalgia is not being able to get good rest, so I use it on myself to help with that as well. I am going to either use their idea of a spray bottle and spritzing it in the car or put in a car diffuser as well for things like our drive to taekwondo testing or long car rides.
When I first received this in the mail, I received two because I had accidently added 2 to my shopping cart online so I gave the extra one to a fellow oily friend/neighbor who has also given me great feedback about it. Her and her husband use it for massage and has also been using it to help their kids settle down around bed time. Again I loooove it!

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