Friday, February 24, 2012

Make Up Magnet Board

Sooo, I have become obsessed with Pinterest as have many people. I love it. I am not very good at coming up with original creative ideas but when I see others creative ideas love to figure out how to make them. I have found some great ideas for things on Pinterest and here is my first attempt at trying out one of those ideas which was actually a success fueling my passion to try more. I was always so sick of rummaging around make up bags or make up drawers finding what I needed so looked up make up storage ideas and found this one. A make-up magnet board. I am going to hang it in our bathroom next to my sink.

Old frame (bought for 50 cents at thrift shop)
sand paper
magnet circles (already had some in craft supply but can buy at craft stores)
hot glue gun with glue sticks
spray adhesive
tin to fit inside frame (hubby picked me up some at Lowe's)
cloth to fit over tin (bought for $1.50 at thrift shop)
paint (already had in craft supply)
paint brush
spray paint (to spray paint containers)
spray lacquer
containers (to toss lipstick, tweezers, mascara, misc. in. I used a couple sippy cups we lost the lids to and cut off the ridged part on top, original post used large prescription med. bottles.)

I sanded the frame a little just enough to score it, wiped off the dust and painted the frame. It may need two coats. You could also spray paint it if you so desire. Then I spray lacquered the frame. Using tin snips I cut the piece of tin to the right size to fit in the frame. I cut the fabric to fit over the tin leaving about an inch on each side. I did not have the spray adhesive on hand so just used regular glue to glue on the fabric which was a mistake. Use the spray adhesive if you have it. Then I pulled it taught and hot glued the edges of fabric to back of tin and placed tin in the frame. Then I got glued the magnets to the back of my make-up and stuck them on there. I spray painted the cups and hot glued two magnets to each and stuck them on there as well.

Stay tuned for more projects! Right now I am working on turning an old slatted closet door into a magazine rack.

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